On June 28th, 2008, Dane's Website celebrated it's 10th year online! I built the first version of this site in middle school while I was teaching myself HTML. It's location and design has changed over the years, but it's still Dane's Website! Below are a couple samples of my website from throughout the last 10 years. Enjoy! (Note: on the old sites, the links are not functional. Sorry!)

Dane's Homepage (Trolleys)
This is a modified version of my website, not long after I first built it. It featured Dallas car 434-D from the trolley museum as the background, and large buttons to navigate to the other pages. I used this design for the first few years the site was online.

Dane's Homepage (Tracks)
This was the second major design I had for my website. This one featured the color blue still found on the website today, as well as title bars that had railroad tracks. This design was the inspiration for the later weather theme.

Dane's Website (Weather)
I created this version during my senior year of high school, since I was going to be attending Lyndon State College the next fall for meteorology. I kept it after I switched majors, since I am still interested in weather.